On this webpage you can download the research outputs of the project 'Victims of road traffic offences'.

  • Summary of existing knowledge: This document provides an overview of the existing knowledge concerning victims of road traffic offences, but focusses primarily on the three core topics of the project (information and support, interdisciplinary cooperation, restorative justice).
  • Interview with victim support services: questionnaire: This document summarises the interviews we conducted in three European countries. You will find questions related to: the specific needs of victims of road traffic victims, secondary victimisation and referrals and collaboration between victim support and restorative justice services.
  • Blueprint on interdisciplinary cooperation: This blueprint is a guideline for all EU-professionals from the various fields involved after a collision to develop interdisciplinary cooperation. The blueprint on one hand gives information on why it is important to collaborate in an interdisciplinary way. On the other hand, it presents a step-by-step plan to develop cooperation in general, and the inderdisciplinary kind in specific.
  • Report on restorative practices in road traffic offences in Europe: This report displays the motivations of victims to participate in Restorative Justice practices and the possible outcomes of such processes. Some good practices on Restorative Justice in road traffic offences in Europe are described.
  • FAQ-list: This document presents the frequently asked questions from road victims and relatives to Rondpunt. The list is composed based on the analysis of our data and includes conclusions from our analysis.
  • List of practical tools: This document presents a list of practical tools which road victim associations need and can use to strengthen them. This list is based on the findings from three focus group meetings held with road victims and (bereaved) relatives. Therefore, this document also provides information on the organisation and the findings of the concerned focus groups.
Summary of existing knowledge
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Interview with victim support services
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Blueprint on interdisciplinary cooperation
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Report Restorative Practices in Road Traffic Offences in Europe
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List of Practical Tools
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