Practical tools for road victims

On this webpage you can download the practical tools for road victims of the project 'Victims of road traffic offences'.

  • Participatory videos: Three road victims made a participatory video about their story and how they experienced the support after the crash.
    • Samy lost his right arm in a car crash where he was the passenger and his best friend the driver. He talks about the treatment at the hospital and the support during rehabilitation
    • Ellen was sent from pillar to post after her car crash. She experienced that every hospital is different and discusses the difficulties with regard to the recognition of her injuries, good care and the administrative aspect. Furthermore, the implications on her social life and activities are also mentioned.
    • For Carine being disabled isn't the bad part. The bad part is being treated as a disabled person. She explains the repercussions on her life on physical, psychosocial, financial and social level.
  • Booklet ‘What after a crash abroad?’: In this booklet we reduce the complexity of a crash that took place in another country than the home country. We explain what a road victim or relative needs to know and what they can do when involved in a crash abroad. The booklet is divided in different chapters: police, judicial aspects, insurance, medical aspects, psychosocial aspects, peer support, restorative justice practices and contact with the media.
  • Contact cards: This set of cards contains information about the different services road victims and relatives can encounter or need in the aftermath of a crash. Each card contains the name of the service, the description of their support and their contact info. Furthermore, explanatory symbols are added on each card, to inform the user at a single glance about the type of support (psychosocial, juridical, ...) and whether the support is accessible for free.
  • Rights leaflet: This leaflet offers a summary of the rights for victims of road traffic offences (e.g. information, support, protection, translation, compensation and personal belongings).
Booklet What after a crash abroad (web)
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Overview Contact Cards
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Rights leaflet Rondpunt
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