Practical tools for professionals and self-help groups

On this webpage you can download the practical tools for professionals and self-help groups s of the project 'Victims of road traffic offences'.     

  • Brochure Policy Influence: This brochure is a practical tool for NGO's who want to influence policy and gives information on the first steps they need to take.
  • Blueprint Practical Guide: 'When traffic hits you', the practical guide from Rondpunt, can be seen as a good practice of an informative tool for everyone involved in a crash. Because we want to encourage victim associations and support services in other countries to develop a similar guide, we describe the process of development in this blueprint.
  • Syllabus Training 'Special needs: on individual and professional level': This syllabus outlines the information given in the context of the trainings on 'special needs of road traffic victims'. First, the syllabus describes the various needs of road traffic victims and their (bereaved) relatives. The way the process of giving proper information should be adapted to these needs is presented afterwards. Finally, the importance of interdisciplinary cooperation to meet victims' needs is outlined.
  • Blueprint on Interdisciplinary Cooperation for professionals in support services: This blueprint is a guideline for all EU-professionals from the various fields involved after a collision to develop interdisciplinary cooperation. The blueprint on one hand gives information on why it is important to collaborate in an interdisciplinary way. On the other hand, it presents a step-by-step plan to develop cooperation in general, and the inderdisciplinary kind in specific.
  • Manual on Restorative Justice in road traffic offences: This manual is developed for those who come into contact with victims of road traffic offences and are not familiar with Restorative Justice. The manual gives some information on Restorative Justice and road traffic offences, and defines keys to succes. You will find helpfull tips and tricks for when discussing the possibility of restorative justice with victims or bereaved families. Some testimonies of victims and offenders are included.
  • Digital Stories on restorative justice: In these short videos a victim and an offender testify about their experience and participation in a victim-offender mediation after a road crash.
    • Annick lost her parents in a collision after a truckdriver ignored a red light.
    • Martijn hit a car when he ignored a red light.
Brochure Policy Influence
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Blueprint Practical Guide
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Syllabus Training Special Needs
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Blueprint on Interdisciplinary Cooperation
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Manual Restorative Justice in road traffic offences
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