EU-project 'Victims of road traffic offences'

As a victim of a road traffic offence or as a relative your rights are written down in the European Directive 2012/29. The aim of our project ‘Victims of road traffic offences’ is to explain which information or support you are entitled to after being victimised by a road traffic offence. We developed practical tools for you to download on this webpage.

In this project we also developed outputs with more information for police, justice and social services about the possibilities of communication between offenders and victims. Furthermore, we worked on improving the cooperation between different professionals (such as police, justice, victim support, medical sector, self-help groups of victim volunteers, …). By spreading good practices from different European countries, we inspired others to cooperate more.

The project focuses on three main topics:

  • Information and support;
  • Restorative justice for people involved in road traffic offences and;
  • Interdisciplinary cooperation on policy level.

Click on the subpages below for information about your rights after a road traffic offence, the research outputs of this project, practical tools for road victims and practical tools for professionals and self-help groups.

These outputs are the result of profound cooperation between projectpartners Rondpunt vzw, Moderator and LINC institute of KU Leuven and the European associate partners Victim Support EuropeEuropean Federation of Road Traffic Victims and European Forum for Restorative Justice. This project was funded by the Justice Programme of the European Union. Would you like to know more about the project? Contact

Flyer 'Victims of road traffic offences'
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On this webpage you can download the research outputs of the project 'Victims of road traffic offences'. Summary of existing knowledge: This document provides an overview of the existing knowledge… Lees verder

Practical tools for road victims

On this webpage you can download the practical tools for road victims of the project 'Victims of road traffic offences'. Participatory videos: Three road victims made a participatory video about their story… Lees verder